Ian Goes Contemporary!

Ian has started a regular Tuesday night "Contemporary Jazz" gig at the Dorman's. Featuring jazz music later in era than that featured by the THC.

However, Ian's idea of "Contemporary" may not be quite as contemporary as what would have in mind. No rapping or hip hop I suspect but certainly some material from the 60s, 70s - possibly 80s ?????? 

Ian is down with the kids!

Young Jerry's Sunday Nights go from strength to strength

Jerry organises a jam session on a Sunday night at the Dorman's which is now far more popular than the Thursday jazz night!  

A Facebook page has been created and everything and there is loads of video on YouTube !


Tees Hot Club to play Le QuecumBar  - Sunday 28th August 2016

We are pleased to announce that we have been booked to play at London's premier live music wine bar which is the mecca for gypsy jazz in the UK!.

We are playing on Sunday 28th August 2016 - seats are limited so book now!

It is a fantastic venue with great food and a relaxed atmosphere, much loved by some of our Tees Hot Club regulars. Big thanks to Paul Shelton for getting us the gig!

Visit the Quecumbar website for more details:-

Keith and Gus's new Seaview Playboys band!

Gus and Keef have revived an old band playing Western Swing, Jive, Jump, Honky Tonk and other fun music!

Visit the Seaview Playboys  website for more details:-