Young Jerry's Sundays

Thurs august 31st

Guests at Dormans Club Ted Pearce (keys), Ritchie Emmerson (sax) and Kevin Eland (trumpet) more

  • play accessible jazz in a variety of styles

  • perform with regular guests from the local jazz scene

  • provide an opportunity for others to learn to play jazz at our Jazz Workshop sessions

  • provide jazz bands for bookings

  • sell t-shirts (occasionally)

  • tell corny jokes (frequently)

Seaview Playboys

Jazz Workshop

Thurs august 17th

Guests at Dormans Club Mark Toomey ( sax) Dave Archbold (keys) and Kevin Eland (trumpet) more

What's New?

Regular Live Jazz in Teesside



We are a group of jazz enthusiasts providing regular live jazz in the Teesside area.

We maintain a core band based on the Django swing band format which can perform on its own but usually we provide backing for other guest jazz musicians from the North East.

We do accept bookings and can provide anything from a duo to a larger 9 or 10 piece jazz band.

Thurs july 13th

Guests at Dormans Club Bruce Taylor (keys) Mark Toomey ( sax) and Kev Eland (trumpet) more

Thursday Jazz Night

What we do?

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